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  • Cage Frames and Mesh
    Company has got state of the art ,computerised machines to manufacture sheet metal components for cage frames. Company also has got cage mesh...

  • Fan parts
    Company can supply any kind of fan parts.

  • End Line Kit
    End Line Kit is a part of nipple drinking system.

Welcome to KFEPL - A Window to Success

Since last 30 yrs Kishore farm equipment Pvt Ltd (KFEPL) is engaged in the development of new & innovative agricultural products, today KFEPL among the top companies providing poultry equipments. Founded by Mr. Mangalbhai. L. Rosia and Later Mr. Kishore M Rosia & Rajesh M Rosia joined the company taking on the responsibilities of marketing and production respectively.

KFEL with D&B number is sharply focused on building Quality & Excellence in all its activities to provide high quality products that gives utmost satisfaction to farmers across India.

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Our Wide Range of Product Categories

The company is engaged in producing several types of cage systems for breeders , layers and growers. The company also produces cage automation products like egg collection system, manure removal system as per the customers requirement.

24 Hole Nest Box

The company is associated with european companies to design and develop ventilation and cooling systems for poultry farms. The company

Company makes feeding systems form broilers and breeders and feeding trolleys for layers.Pan Feeding System, Chain Feeding System, Trolley Feeding, Feed Conveyors from Silo to houses, Manual Feeders available as per customer requirement.

Drinking systems provide broilers and breeder right amount of water, without spillage, at every stage of growth.

For brooding the birds, various types of heating systems are available. Heating systems are based on gas, diesel and electric.

It is use to detect hair line cracks on the eggs manually. The product consists of power led lamps. The product any heat on the egg.

Various types of vaccinators are available as per the requirement of the farmer.

Automatic:-Our Debeaking machine (AD-10) trims and cauterizes in a single operation. The machine is equipped with low-speed geared motor to drive the electric heated moving blade on the Gauge blade. 

In poultry house, curtains are used to protect the birds from direct sunlight, rain and harsh winter conditions. Winches and pulleys are useful in this segment.

Diesel or kerosene brooder