36” Ventilation Fan


Air cooling fans are used for maintaining good air circulation and temperature in poultry farms. Our 36” air circulating fans can be used for various applications, like poultry farms, industrial buildings etc., and providing high efficiency. These fans are available in both single phase and three phase motor option.

1.Grills are plastic coated and thick diameter wire gauge (2.5mm) is used, and the gap is maintained 15mm as per international quality standards to avoid human accidents and rate entering into the fan.

  1. 2. The blades are made of compounded plastic so less chances of bending and hence less breaking chances.
  2. 3. Motor is efficient and complete thermal protection and moisture proof.
  3. 4. The CFM of fan 13000 and minimum airflow of 8.5 meters/sec.
  4. 5. Minimum positive air throws of 50ft. When we say 50’ Length in practically.
  5. 6. Easy installation & Zero Maintenance


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