Flame Gun

Flame gun is used for house disinfection, kills bacteria and reduce bacteria load in the shed. It has 1 single nozzle, but there is an option with 4 nozzles.



We provide a wide range of Poultry Flame Gun that is used in poultry farms.

Salient Features:

  • The first indigenous Flame Gun for poultry use manufactured in India.
  • Precision Engineered by the experts.
  • Affordable price to even small farmers.
  • Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator.
  • Easy Maintenance spares easily available on order.
  • The real disinfectant for micro bacteria.
  • Increase your farm safety against danger viruses presents in shed/vehicle/cage/feather litter etc. & prevent from Disease.

Effective & economy disinfections system.

Important role plays against Bird Flu viral.


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