Jumbo Chick Drinkers

Kishore farm equipment, the market leader in drinking systems for the past 40 years, proudly presents its range of manual drinkers for broilers, layers and breeders. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantee you optimum performance for best results.


  • Round Drinker is specially designed to help new born chicks to find their water with ease. Tests have proved that chicks are attracted to this particular shape and colour. This drinker is also best suitable for broilers. The ROUND DRINKERS being translucent water level can be seen and after use can be easily cleaned and selfstacked thus minimizing storage space.Product Features:

    Number of chicks per Drinkers   : 50 Chicks

    Water Capacity                              : 4 to 4.5 Ltr.

    Top Height                                      : 200mm

    Bottom Plate Dia                           : 270mm

    Lip Space                                         : 30mm

    Type                                                : Manual

    Stand                                              : 02ways


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