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  • Nipple drinking systems provide broilers and breeder nipple with the right amount of water, without spillage, at every stage of growth.

  • Manual Drinkers

  • End Line Kit is a part of nipple drinking system.

  • The company produces variety of pulleys and winches to be used in feeding, drinking, curtains and other systems used in poultry. The winches too are available in different capacities.

  • They are use to regulate water pressure inside nipple drinking system. It can operate line length up to 450ft. the regulator can be fitted in both round and square pipes.

  • The filter is indigenously developed for use of poultry farms. There is no need to change the cartridge frequently. The filter material can be changed and reused.

  • Made from stainless steel with ball type and fitted with clip-on-saddle. The nipple does not required any kind of threading inside the pipe. 360 degrees side