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100% of our Mesh is made out of hot dipped pre-galvanized heavy coated wire which makes it extremely corrosion-resistant. Laboratory Test Certificate for the Zinc Coating of the wire used would be provided along with the material if the customer wishes to check the accuracy of our claims.

Wire used for manufacturing the mesh is sturdy yet flexible and ductile in nature which facilitates the fabrication of the mesh to build poultry cages and ensures strength due to bending. Tensile Strength: 350 - 540 N//mm2. Test Certificate on Customer\'s Request.

The mesh\'s life is guaranteed for minimum 10 years under normal conditions of wear-and-tear and exposure to humidity.

    1 .  Wire Partition for Excellent ventilation and light . Wire spaces is kept  at one inch to     redue                             
         feather  pecking.
    2 .  Bottom mesh is made of hot dipped heavy galvanized coating wire .
    3 .  Leak proof Nipples for Layers & breeders
    4.     One hand operated Horizontal sliding doors , makes birds handling easy during induction.

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